Missing You

Remembering His Mates

“Working with Alan was a joy. He was a pure professional.
Always knew his lines and was capable of improvising at the last minute. Many times, just before the take, we would whisper to each other what we were going
to do in the scene. No rehearsal, we trusted each other. Every once in a while 

Moloaa Bay

The Unseen Pilot

The Story of the SS Minnow This is the Original Minnow, the first of four. It was in a shipyard in Honolulu and the only thing wrong with it was a broken engine. Every worker in the shipyard wanted to buy it because it was in such good shape. So, there they were, working one…

honor flight535

Always Free Honor Flight

The Denver Foundation will be making its first Always Free Honor Flight trip on Wednesday, June 6th. This trip is open to all WW II, Korean and Viet Nam veterans. Call Little Buddy Radio’s studio line at 304.425.8660 for your applications.