Little Buddy Radio Morning Show!

Keep Your Sunny Side Up with Little Buddy Radio

Little Buddy Radio’s morning show “Sunny Side Up” is all about good music, fun and, just as the name suggests, focusing on the positive. Life can be tough enough, so why not start your morning on the sunny side with Dreama Denver and Steve Coleman.

If you’re local to Princeton, WV, you can tune us in at 93.1 FM; if you don’t live in the Princeton area, you can catch our stream right here on the Little Buddy Radio page by clicking the ‘listen live’ link or you can download the tunein radio app to your smartphone, search Little Buddy Radio and add us to your favorites. We love tunein because that means you can listen to LBR any time, any place.

Dreama with West Virginia’s First Lady, Joanne Tomblin

When Bob and Dreama started LBR, the intent was to have programming that offered an escape from the depressing news of the day. You can get that 24/7 on network news, cable news, iPad or smartphone alerts, right? Bob’s wish was for LBR to be about nostalgia, a station that would take you back to the ‘good ol’ days’. So . . . to that end, Little Buddy Radio is all about good music, and we’re talking all genres and all decades, which means you’ll hear pop, oldies, jazz, blues, independent artists and everything in between – good music, the best mix in the biz!

Sunny Side Up airs weekday mornings from 7-10 AM. Thursday mornings at 7:30, tune in for “Dodie Talk” with relationship expert Dodie Milardo. Then in honor of Bob and his love for jazz and big band (anyone remember Maynard in “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis?), Dreama offers a 2-hour show she created – Jump, Jive and Jazz – three times a week, Wednesday nights from 8-10, Saturdays from 4-6 PM and Sundays from noon until 2.

Join us every weekday morning from 7-10 AM eastern for “Sunny Side Up”.

Dreama with Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr (America’s Got Talent winner)

Dreama with actor
Kevin Sizemore

Dreama with Broadway director/star Carl Anthony Tramon


Princeton Primary Grade Schoolers Record the Pledge of Allegiance for Sunny Side Up