Meet the Crew

GI wins The Pop Culture Award
at the 2004 TV Land Awards.

Dawn with Sherwood

Bob and Dreama

Bob and Dreama on the red carpet.
(Danny Bonaduce in the background)
Photo Courtesy of Lisa O’Connor

Bob and Tina onstage

Russell at the podium

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The Most Famous Cast Photo from GI


Gourmet Gilligan
Turkey & Broccoli
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Remember Alan,
Natalie and Jim,
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Castaway Icons
America’s favorite survivors receive the first-ever
American Icon Award from Women in Film and Video.

TheCastaways’three-hour tour
of the
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 Bob’sShirtAuctions for $28,750

Beverly Hills was the scene of furious bidding
June 26, 1999 when Profiles in History held its
Hollywood memorabilia auction. Lots included
Christopher Reeves’ Superman costume, Mel Gibson’s
sword from Braveheart, Darth Vader’s Star Wars costume
and one of the original red pullovers worn by Bob on
Gilligan’s Island. Estimated to auction for between
$15,000 – $18,000, Bob’s shirt ended up going home
with the lucky bidder for 28,750 dollars! And, no,
none of the money went to Bob!

Gilligan’s Island
Chosen one of the 100 greatest shows of all time !

TV’s 50 Greatest Characters EVER!

Like, the coolest Daddy-O in All of Prime Time

Maynard G. Krebs
voted one of

( “. . . Like, he’s gettin’ all misty . . .” )

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creation of that lovable beatnik Maynard G. Krebs