The Denver Foundation History

The Denver Foundation is a non-profit foundation inspired by Bob and Dreama Denver’s passion to assist and enrich the lives of special needs individuals in┬áthe state of West Virginia.

Bob and Dreama established the foundation in honor of their severely autistic son, Colin.

As Colin’s sole caregivers for the last 21 years of Bob’s life, the Denvers understood firsthand in an up-close-and-personal way exactly what families face when presented with the challenge of caring for a family member with special needs. With that in mind, Bob and Dreama created Little Buddy Radio, a nonprofit radio station, owned and operated by the foundation with all profits generated by the station going to the Foundation and its mission.

“The Denver Foundation and Little Buddy Radio were Bob’s last and most important legacies,” Dreama says, “and carrying on in his place, making these two entities as successful as possible became my mission after Bob passed away. His desire to give back to West Virginia was huge. He loved this area, considered himself an adopted West Virginian and was a tireless ambassador for the state. Regardless of how important and far reaching his television legacy was, and is, his love for our son and his desire to help other families like ours trumped even that.”

To help in her mission to see Bob’s dreams on behalf of special needs families in this state carried to fruition, Dreama and the Foundation joined forces with ResCare, a national care provider whose WV chapter has its finger on the pulse of this community. Knowing where specific needs lie in this area, ResCare and the wonderful folks who work there, have been able to share their expertise with Dreama. Together they stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to make a difference in the lives of families who may not know where to turn.

“Bob would be proud,” Dreama says. “I honestly didn’t think I could live without him, but I came to understand that the best way to honor his memory is to live a full and happy life, carrying on the work he started with a heart as big as his.”

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